Thursday, December 12, 2013

December to Remember

My poor ole blog has been feeling a ton of neglect!  I have not had a spare moment since the middle of November to document the events and thoughts that the Dream Weavers have encountered!  This will definitely be a season we will remember.  I honestly think we are in a point in our lives where we are the busiest we can possibly be.  This has caused stress, illness, frustrations, and so much immeasurable JOY!  We will never have this season again.  The kids will all continue to get older and more self-sufficient.  Times like this are fleeting.  And we know it.  But while we are in the trenches, it is EXHAUSTING!

So, since the last post, we have had QUITE a few event, changes, and exciting things going on.  For Thanksgiving, we had the usual!  Family and friends gather at a local restaurant with a HUGE pot luck meal, and then a fun game of Dirty Santa for those who want to participate.  My husband pointed out this year that the thing he misses the most about this tradition is that there are no left overs!  I hadn't thought about that.  I guess next year we should cook a small turkey for ourselves as well! It's always a good time, and I am glad we have that fun tradition.

Thanksgiving 2013

Emma is between Volleyball seasons, so she is honing her babysitting skills by practicing on her brother for short periods of time.  We are so thankful for her sweet spirit with her brother.  But, she lacks longevity.  He bores her pretty quickly.  LOL  Lara is on cloud nine as she has just found out that one of her dance numbers for the Spring recital is a Lady Gaga song.  She is also a wonderful babysitter for Finn!  She lasts a little longer, and has a great way of engaging him and keeping him busy.  Maybe soon they can start their own babysitting business!

Lara, Emma and boys from our neighborhood in the Cleon Snow!

Jake has just started basketball practice for his season.  This boy LOVES basketball!  He got his uniform at the second practice, and insisted on wearing it to bed...

Jake loves basketball

And then there is Finn.  This boy literally keep us hopping.  He is at the adorable (-ly frustrating) stage where his personality really starts to shine, and his fuse is very short.  I know he gets frustrated because we can't understand him and he has SO MUCH to say!  But, he is just so cute, and fun.  He absolutely LOVES to sing.  And he is an independent player, so it's fun to just observe him from across the room - playing alone and singing.  He loves book, building things with Legos, music, and his Little People.  But, he still suffers with those pesky preemie lungs.  He got RSV.  AGAIN!  UGH!  But, we are so lucky that we caught it early and avoided hospitalization.  He was cleared to go back to school after missing a week today!  I hope seeing his friends and teachers will snap the boredom streak he has been in.  Between him being sick, and the snow storm we had last week, there was a solid 4 days that he didn't leave the house.  He was BORED!  I am happy to say that being in the house all those days really built his vocabulary!  He has gained about 50 more words in the past week.  He lost 2 pounds of weight, though.  Always a give and take with this kid!

Finn with RSV

And during ALL the hustle and bustle, this Momma took a new job.  I know, RIGHT?!?!  And it was totally unexpected.  A friend read the job description, emailed it to me, and encouraged me to apply.  So, on somewhat of a whim, I did.  And I got called for the interview. And then I got offered the job!  WOW!  Not what I thought I would be doing this last 4 weeks!  I had to quit a job I love, work the last 2 weeks there, start a new job that is WAY outside my usual work zone, and juggle all the changes this caused at home as well.  My new position is a 30 hour a week job, and I go in at 7:30 am and get off at 2:00pm.  This changes some of the roles and responsibilities at home.  But it is SO SO SO worth it!  More time with my kids, a challenging job, and a change for the better.  I started last week as the Media Marketing Specialist for University Dining Services at Oklahoma State University.   I am in charge of the website, the social media platforms, the digital menu screens located around the dining facilities, and other special projects.  It is a brand new position, so we are all learning as we go.  I got exactly one day of training last week before the snow storm named Cleon made a mess things.  So, while it has not been a smooth transition, I know I will love this job once I get a little more comfortable with it!

SANTA 2013  Emma, Finn, Jake and Lara

And Christmas is staring us in the face!  We have exactly ONE gift purchased.  It has been a little busy around here.  But, we still have time.  And Santa Britt has a list, and a trip planned.  We WILL have Christmas!  The kids are excited about the season, and we are enjoying the festivities at their schools.  What a magical time of the year.  And this year, I know we will remember this December for a long time to come!  SO many changes - for the better!  Merry Christmas from our family, to yours!

Merry Christmas from the Weaver's 2013