Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What a busy day for a birthday!

This past weekend, Jake the Snake turned 7.  I joked with him for a week before the day actually came, that I was looking forward to him being 7, because then  maybe I wouldn't get QUITE so many stares when I said he was 6.  He's 4'8 (an inch shorter than his sisters that are 5 years older), and weighs 85 pounds.  He is a GIANT of a boy!  And he is just so sweet and fun!  He loves pizza with ranch, baseball, basketball and football, video games, and sleeping in.  He loves to read and really likes school, too.  He always prays for our dinner for us, and still hates to take a shower!  He is just a WONDERFUL son, and such a great big brother to Finn. He drives Emma and Lara crazy, but then again that's his job!

This past Saturday was his actual birthday, and it was a super busy day!  We started with a very early Upward basketball game.  But, FIRST!  We had him open his present from the family.  Skylanders Giants for Wii U.  He got to play for about 15 minutes before it was time to go to the game.  They played a hard game, and he got the star best offense.



offense - under the basket where he needs to be!

Mom and Finn in the stands!

Then, it was lunch, more video games, a little shopping to spend some birthday money (more Giants for his collection), then PARTY TIME!  We had a bowing party again.  This year's party was a little more low key than last year's party, but it was so fun!  We had all the boys wear their favorite basketball jerseys!  We had Upward, YMCA, Oklahoma State, and of course, OKC Thunder!  We started with 3 home and 1 away Kevin Durant's.  Ended up with FIVE KD's as one of Jake's gifts was a KD jersey!

The Crew
It was supposed to be an all boy party, but one sister slipped in,
and cousin Kayleigh was here from Texas!

After the party, we took the birthday boy out for his traditional birthday dinner.  Only, it wasn't traditional!  He chose a new place!  We have always gone to Texas RoadHouse for his birthday dinner.  This year, it was Rib Crib. He loved the special treatment, and especially the dessert!

I am loving being the mom of a 7 year old boy.  He is so loving and understanding and compassionate.  He is funny, had great timing, and tells amazing jokes.  He is athletic, and loves to be outside with the neighborhood kids shooting baskets, playing football, or riding his scooter.  We've had some mild days (and some horribly, bitter cold days) this winter, so it's been fun watching him take on the world!  I even got an email (below) that said I am entering a rewarding phase of parenting.  YIPPEE!  I can't wait to see what the future holds for my GREAT Jake!

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  1. Betsy, I saw your comments on our Windy Acres blog and was delighted to hear from you. What a small world! Then found your blog! Will look forward to reading your posts.