Monday, July 7, 2014

Down Time

4 busy kids.  2 working parents.  A couple of side jobs to keep it interesting.  Many volunteer hours.  People often ask me how I do it.  Or remark about how “busy” I (we) seem to be but how we seem to get it all done “and with a smile on your face.”  Um, gee, thanks?  I am genuinely happy to be this busy.  It means my family is healthy.  It means we have jobs that provide for us, creative outlets to entertain us and meaningful hobbies to fulfill us.  It means we are able to provide opportunities for our kids and we work hard to make things fun and enjoyable and MEMORABLE for our family.  So, yes, I am busy.  And YES!  I am smiling about it.  I am truly blessed. Abundantly. Richly.

But, there are down times, too.  “Down Times” in all senses of the word – depressing, dark, hard times.  And relaxing, no pressure, vacation times.  And run down, beat down, down for the count times.  It seems I have just come out of a “season” of the run down type of Down Time...

I am rarely sick.  In the 9 years Britt and I have been together, I would say I average one “miss work” illness a year.  I may miss a day here and there for a migraine or a mental health day, but real, “in bed, don’t talk to me, I need a doctor” sickness usually stays away.  Apparently, June had other ideas!  I missed 3 out of the last 9 days of work for illness.  First, I had bronchitis.  Kicked me in the rear.  Missed 2 days of work.  Still have the lingering cough.  But, 6 days after that diagnosis, I was gifted with a stomach bug that landed me in bed for another work day!  WHAT is going on?  A look back at the first ½ of summer, and I see it.  I see how busy I was.  How crazy it has been to get everything done.  And maybe, this was my body’s way of saying, take a break.  Relax.  Rest.

I listened.  I went to the doctor – TWICE!  I took my meds, I slept, I rested.  I am glad to say I am finally feeling human again!  I still got lots of work done while “resting” though.  A working Momma never gets much time off.  LOL!  When I did finally make it back in to work last week, it was time to fill out my time sheet.  Would you believe I missed and ENTIRE WEEK of work for the month of June?  When I added up all my hours “off” it equaled an entire week’s worth of time.  About equal time sick leave and vacation leave.  Between doctor appointments for kids and myself, being sick and in bed, camp obligations for various kids, a tree falling on our house, and committee meetings for my various volunteer gigs, I was out A LOT last month!  WOAH.  Adding up those numbers was a bit eye-opening.  There it was again – another reminder that I can’t be superwoman all the time.  Rest.  Recharge.

This month looks a little better on the calendar.  The outside temperature has started to warm up finally here in Oklahoma as well – pushing triple digits today!  Sounds like a good time to stay inside a bit more anyway!  Finn has Pre-School “Camp” 3 mornings a week this week and next, but that’s all under Nana the Wonder Sitter’s watch.  I have some sorority meetings this weekend, and the only other thing on the agenda is Jake’s Art and Music camp the third week of the month.  The schedule seems much easier to manage for July.  Even if I do hear the dreaded “I’m Bored” a little more from the kids.  Sounds like down time -- of the relaxing kind -- is in order.  Maybe a good time for a trip to the library…  Recharge.  Revive.

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