Monday, November 10, 2014


If you are around me much and you listen to me tell stories about our Finicky Finn, you'll often hear me sigh and somehow throw in the words "hashtag fourth kid." He is my a-typical child.  My enigma.  My little mystery.  He doesn't do things the way any of his older siblings did - he eats differently, sleeps differently, receives discipline differently.  He is feisty, and fearless, and ferocious.  He is strong, and smart, and steadfast.  And he does it all in his own time and in his own way.  Always has.

We've spent the last few weeks waiting on test results from the X-rays and labs he did with the endocrinologist.  And doing the usual Dream Weaver things - running club, haircuts, dance, sports injuries, rehearsals, basketball evaluations, March for Babies committee meetings, building dreams, WORK!  Earlier last week, we received a call from the endocrinologist.  Unfortunately, we missed the call, and have been playing phone tag ever since.  While we have no official word about results, we feel that since they aren't working too hard to get us on the phone, we must be in the clear and just waiting for our 6 month follow up.  I'll call AGAIN tomorrow... Mixed in with all of that was a visit for Mr. Finn to his audiologist at Hearts for Hearing.  We had cancelled the last appointment for various reasons, so it had been over 6 months since our last visit.  The good news is, he is finally a BIG BOY and can do the tests in a big boy way!  Gives them a better idea of what he really is hearing and how he is reacting.  Honestly, it was pretty cool to watch him do all the tests!  He is so smart!  But, the less than stellar news was that the ear without the tube (which fell out early this year), had definite hearing loss. *sigh*

I left there feeling frustrated,  Here we are again.  In the last 2 months we had seen the ENT, the pediatrician, his ears had been checked at school, and now the audiologist.  The story from each was never quite the same - which is slightly understandable since time was passing and the ear was changing all along.  We heard tubes, no tubes, wait, and act now.  After much discussion, we agreed to go back to the ENT - he is the medical expert in this area.  He will help us formulate a plan of action.

Parenting 4 kids is a challenge.  They are all very different.  Navigating their needs and wants; encouraging their dreams and abilities. Spending quality time in this roller coaster existence.  And add to that one who has need for more medical interventions and attention.  Its overwhelming some days.  A lot of days.  How much is too much?  How much is not enough?  When should I intervene? When should I wait?  The struggle is real.  And I feel for parents who have to make much tougher medical decisions than I do.  I know I have it pretty easy in the grand scheme of things...  But, it's my life and my family that have to deal with this particular situation.  And we see how the stress and strain effects our environment. Yes, I want Finn to hear properly, but he has made such huge strides in 3 months with language!  Is it necessary to put him under - AGAIN?  Plus, last time we talked replacing the tube there was talk of removing the tonsils and adenoids... Will that help his sleep?  And maybe his eating?  All of these nagging questions pulling tag this Momma's heart - all the while I'm trying to stretch it to include the other 3 kids, and my ever-patient husband. Whom I keep looking at with pleading eyes, asking, "What next?"

He's so lucky to have GREAT older siblings in Emma, Jake and Lara!

That appointment with our ENT was today. We covered the entire Finn health history again. Brought our doctor up to speed on the latest developments.  Examined Finn.  And then were presented with solutions.  It was recommended that we replace the missing tube, clean up (and replace if necessary) the existing tube, and to leave the tonsils and adenoids alone - for now. We all agreed this was the best plan of action for our Fighter, Finn.

His surgery is Thursday.  As in, not tomorrow, or the next day, but the next day.  First thing in the morning.  We covet your prayers once again.  He's older now.  And more fretful.  While I am not anxious at all about the procedure, the recovery may be a bit more eventful than the last time.  We truly hope and pray this brings him relief, normal hearing, and a LONG stay away from hospitals, surgeries, and doctor's appointments!  Our sweet boy - always a fighter.  And always doing it his own way. #FourthKid

#FourthKid Finn


  1. Betsey, Why is Fin seeing an Endocrinologist? we have been seeing one since my oldest was born, 21 years ago. There is an nonprofit organization that is awesome. It is call "Magic". They have tons of information on the endocrine system, like thyroid, pituitary, growth, etc.....

    1. Thanks for the info, Jackie! He is now growing as expected. So, we were referred to an endocrinologist. Been 2x, so far. Still in a holding pattern. The Doc wants to wait till he's 4 before doing any intervention. So, we''l just love on our peanut until then! :)

    2. You can read all about it here: