Friday, December 5, 2014

Good News!


After WEEKS and weeks of trying to get in touch with our endocrinologist to find out answers about Finn's growth testing- which resulted in missed phone calls, incomplete messages, partial information, worry, questions, patience and endurance - WE HAVE ANSWERS!

Over the past few weeks, We had gotten calls from our endocrinologist, but I either missed the calls completely, was too busy to answer, or knew if I answered all he would be able to hear was the chaos of my full house in the afternoons - and that wouldn't help either of us!  We wanted to know shot Finn, but we couldn't connect!

Today, we made an appointment for Big Brother Jake to see our pediatrician here in town due to a cough and a sore throat - before Mom and Dad leave town for the weekend!  He's OK - might have a sinus infection, but nothing major.  But, as we were finishing up the appointment, our Doctor asked if we had ever gotten news on Finn's tests.  "NO!" we called out in unison.  Then she said that SHE GOT THE FULL REPORT!  *The full report!*  YIPPEE!

I am so happy to report after the testing from October - we have a bit more information.  As you recall, the one big missing piece for us was any information about the bone age test and results.  If his bone age was younger than his chronological age, then we were probably in the clear and just needed to let time take it's course and let him grow.  If the bine age was pretty close to his actual age, then we might want to start being more aggressive.  And if the bone age was older, well, who knows...  We did event want to go there!  We also hadn't gotten much information about the blood tests.  Through the Mercy portal, we were able to SEE the results, but we're not doctors, so we don't know what they mean... But, all of his blood markers were within normal ranges.  Except one, but it was not worrisome.  We knew all of this from the Internet information, and that had been confirmed in phone messages, and again today with our pediatrician.

And his bones?  They are baby bones!  Young, still developing, lots of growing still to do, baby bones! She reported that the findings of his bone age showed they were at 2 years and 4 months!  Chronologically, at the time of the test, he was 3 years and 1 month.  Even if you take off the 3 months of prematurity, that puts him at 2 years 10 months - still significantly ahead of his Bone Age! THIS IS EXCELLENT NEWS!

So, the plan is to stay the course.  Keep the appointment that is now just under 5 months away.  Let him GROW. Let him develop.  Watch him SOAR!

Finn - 2014 School Picture

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