Monday, December 12, 2011

Finn Firsts

Not much to report on the Finn front today.  We seem to have hit a plateau.  Things started trending downward with his blood work last Wednesday, and by Saturday he needed a blood transfusion - his 6th.  During the blood transfusion, they hold his feeds, so not only did he get an IV for the blood, but also for IV nutrition as well.  While he was looking kind of cute with a hep lock in each hand poking out over his blanket, I know it’s not comfortable for him.  Typically after a transfusion, Finn perks right up and takes off in the right direction.  But, he has been pretty sluggish since this last one came about.  He is having trouble taking all of his feeds by bottle, he’s lethargic, and he is relying heavily on his oxygen support.  All these things are not getting us home any time soon.  He’s not worse, but he’s definitely not better.  And we’re not moving forward at this point.

All this frustration, plus the holidays, missing my brother, all the cars I use to go back and forth having some kind of issue and grounding me in Stillwater for the next few days, and flat being worn out brought about a massive pity party by yours truly this morning.  Somehow, I managed to drag Britt into it as well, I’m that good.  So, to try to perk myself up, I made a little movie of some of the new things Finn has done in the past 10 days and uploaded it to YouTube:

The blood transfusion also caused him to retain some fluid, so (as I suspected) the declaration of being in the 5 pound club on facebook Saturday night was a bit premature.  He weighed in at 4 pounds 15 ounces last night after 3 doses of Lasix, so I think that is a more accurate representation of his weight.  We should hit the 5 pound mark tonight, though.  Another big milestone, for sure!  Now, if he would just perk up and make some forward strides!  Still praying for a Christmas miracle!

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