Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day is for Memories

I, once again, find myself reflecting on this past year.  1 year ago YESTERDAY, I was totally flabbergasted and stunned when I had a nagging suspicion, snuck out to Walgreens, hid in a bathroom stall, and found out I was pregnant.  A secret I kept for a couple of days so I could shock a few years off my husband’s life as we left for our “Mystery Honeymoon”  a couple of days later.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined the journey this year would take me on.  The prayers we have prayed, people we have met, the lessons we have learned, the lives that have been touched and changed forever.  It is simply MIND BOGGLING to look back on it, and I think at this point I can say this was a “once in a lifetime” season of my life.  There may not be another time in my life that will bring about so much change and growth in a 12 (or 14) month period of time.  I won’t say it can never happen; it’s just not very likely!

I also find myself remembering my tenacious brother.  Did he send us this angel baby to help soften the blow of missing him?  Did he know we all needed something to focus on to not get stuck in the darkness of missing his light?  Did he want us to stretch and grow and learn to be able to help others on a similar path?  I may never know all of the answers to these questions (and about 1,000 others I can’t wait to talk to Jesus about!), but I do know having Finn in my life makes me miss Brian a little less.  It’s like I have a tiny piece of him here with me to love and hold every day.  I still cringe at the thought that Finn will never know his Uncle Brian (and vice versa), but I take comfort in the fact that ONE DAY they will be reunited.

In the meantime, things are starting to slow down a tiny bit around here.  Life with ten year old twin girls has been pretty fun so far!  We have finished up volleyball season for Emma, dance recital for both girls is next week, school is out for summer (I now have 2 5th graders and a Kindergartner!), and we are about 2/3 of the way through T-ball season for Jake.  We have had a tour of the new school the kids will be going to next year, Jake got to go to Texas with Nana and Grandpa for his cousin’s dance recital, Emma and Lara hosted a birthday sleepover for a few girlfriends, Finn got to be “show and tell” for 2 of the 4th grade classrooms, Emma and Lara learned about the new room and programming they are promoting to at church, and we had the last day of school.   

We are much closer to being unpacked at our new house, and I have moved furniture at work, too and have a desk, credenza and hutch that fit my space MUCH better now.  I hope to decorate it this weekend!  Nothing like cramming it ALL IN in a 2 week time period!  But, now things slow down a bit.  We got to experience a little bit of summer fun on Wednesday when the big kids got out of school.  I did not have a babysitter that day, so I took the day off work to be with Finn, then after the kids got out of school (at 1:00 – they only had a half day) we went bowling, and for ice cream.  SUCH a fun way to start the summer off!  I am a little sad that the girls leave today for a few days with their other dad, but it is always refreshing to have the boys by themselves to see how that relationship is growing. And speaking of Finn – At 7 months, 2 weeks and 6 days old (4 months, 2 weeks and 5 days adjusted)  he has passed 14 pounds, can roll over front to back (when he feels like it), drinks 6 oz bottles, sleeps through the night, loves to “talk” and sing, likes to stand up and take steps, and his favorite song is still “Moves Like Jagger.”  His Child Development Specialist from SoonerStart is very impressed!  He has progressed in leaps and bounds since his surgery!  We are so proud of him and SO in love!

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