Saturday, July 6, 2013

We can't decide!

The Six Dream Weavers use the word "Adventure" a lot.  We don't like to sit around.  We go out looking for for things to do.  We take the back roads.  We stop and smell the flowers.  Britt and I often don't tell the kids what it is we are going to do, just that it is an adventure! (Including the Weaver Family Road Trip 2013 that is looming VERY near on the horizon!  The kids have no idea!)  Sometimes they love this, other times, they are exasperated..  Their individual personalities play a role in that as well.  All that to say, we love a good adventure!

We've been enjoying our summer full of adventures - nature camp for the 3 big kids, swim parties and trips to the pool, New Student Orientation on a constant loop for Britt, Vacation Bible School, a little surgery for me, and Nana the Wonder Sitter and I went to Dallas for 5 days for the International Grand Convention of our sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. (I went to the one in Arizona 2 years ago shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Finn...)  Finn has gotten sick a couple of times and ended up at the pulmonoligist, but nothing severe.  And, he had a hearing check up with Hearts for Hearing and is still within normal ranges but hearing more robustly from his left hear than his right.  He is now 21 months old - hard to believe he is 3 months shy of his 2nd birthday!

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Which brings us to our next Adventure!  If we are creeping up on Finn's birthday, the Stillwater March of Dimes March for Babies MUST be on the horizon!  Mark your calendars and SAVE THE DATE!  September 28, 2013 at Willard Lawn on the OSU Campus.  Britt and I are working hard with the steering committee to make this a wonderful event, and we were blessed to be chosen as the 2013 Ambassador Family for this event.  Britt even chose our 2 mile route around the beautiful Oklahoma State campus - hitting all the highlights and MUST SEE spots!

And of course, no event is complete without a t-shirt.  That's where YOU come in! HELP US DECIDE!  After about a hundred drafts, we have finally settled on a design.  And we are going to use to print the youth and adult shirts.  (Still looking for a vendor for the onesie for Finn...)  But, the color combinations are ENDLESS!  We need your input!  (Keep in mind that March of Dimes "official color" is purple.)

Here is a graphic of our 8 favorite color combinations.  Please choose your top 2, and leave a comment ON THIS BLOG and I will keep a running tally.  Voting ends on Friday, July 12, 2013 at 4:00pm CST.  I will post the winning color combo on the Early Adventures of Finn Facebook page and here on the blog.  I will then choose a randomly drawn person who choose the most popular color combo, and I have a fun little March for Babies gift for you!  SO EXCITING!

So, here we go!  Here is the picture, and a description!

Click to see larger version!  DETAILS!!!
 Option 1: Carolina blue with purple  Option 2: Teal with yellow
 Option 3: Sky blue with navy           Option 4: Natural tan with coral
 Option 5: Metro blue with lime        Option 6: Yellow with teal
 Option 7: Purple with orange           Option 8: Lime with royal blue



  1. From Instagram:
    mumma4x: 5 & 7

  2. Brain: 2
    Jenny: 2 & 3

  3. Replies
    1. Hello, Anonymous!While I appreciate your vote, I can't give you credit for it if you don't sign it in some manner! :)

  4. Kendra H: 5 & 7

  5. I like 1 and 3 -Nancy

  6. #1 & #5. -Angel O.

  7. From FB:
    Stacy Schulz - #8
    Jami Germain - #2
    April Snethen - #2, #5, #8 (she gets 3 since SS and JG only took 1 each)
    Michelle Williams - #2 & #3

  8. Terri - 3 or 8

  9. More FB entries!
    Mary Beth Johnston Taylor - 2
    Starla Martin Smith - 2,8

  10. Jennifer Mahurin Schneider: 2