Thursday, August 11, 2011

What does it mean to be BOLD?

This past weekend, and Pastor Craig Groeschel shared the second message in a series called BOLD.  The first week was called Amazing Boldness  and we learned that Boldness is a behavior born out of belief.  That God gives ordinary people extraordinary boldness and that your boldness will amaze the world.  This all came at an amazing time in my life, as I was in the middle of the being the boldest I have ever been.  This blog is my expression of BOLD!  Sharing Christ through the circumstances of my life, and praying that my words have touched, helped, or inspired someone – ANYONE – to be more like Christ and put their faith in Him. Not too long after this sermon was preached, I had an acquaintance tweet me, THANKING me for being BOLD.  That was a little affirmation that what I am doing here is making a difference – at least for that one person.

Fast Forward to week two: Bold Prayers.  This week we learned that what you pray for reflects what you believe about God.  Do you pray small, self-focused prayers?  Or do you pray Big, BOLD (Sun Stand Still) world changing prayers?  Pray for BOLDNESS!  Pray for MIRACLES!  If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you know the last 120 days have been an utter roller coaster for me and my family.  The disbelief of my brother’s death (4 months ago yesterday, in fact) and the circumstances surrounding it.  The shock of finding out we were expecting our fourth child and the wondrous surprise that was.  The terror of discovering we might lose the baby – a gift that had been presented to us; one that we never knew we even wanted. And, the miracle of being saved that tragedy.  All God’s work.  All for his glory.  All so I could learn to pray BOLD prayers and bear witness to miracles.  So that I could share these words with you, show you that our God is greater than anything you are facing, and encourage you to be faithful, and to be BOLD.

So, I have been thinking about this BOLD thing a lot the past few days.  At life group last night (shout out some LOVE to my LTC friends!), we went over the Talk It Over questions from this week (as best we could with a dozen kids running around!) and I got to share a little bit more of my story and what it means to me to be BOLD.  And how my journey with Christ has changed over the past 4 months, and what it FEELS like to be on this side of a miracle.  I told them I won’t feel completely comfortable until it is January and I am holding a healthy baby in my arms, but I KNOW that day is coming!  I feel blessed to know so many are praying for us, humbled to know that this life growing inside of me is already changing lives, and loved by so SO many people.  What an amazing demonstration of God’s purpose for our lives!  I received an email from a dear friend earlier this week reflecting on being BOLD, the miracle we have all gotten to be a part of, and how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  I want to share a portion of it with you:

I’m not just amazed by the journey you’ve already been on and the miracle that has taken place over the last 2 weeks.   I am so moved by you guys and the way you handled every step of the situation.  Believing and knowing that God would hear our prayers and remain faithful.  I look at both of your facebook pages and see the people that commented and joined you in prayer and I’m just blown away.  The number of people alone is incredible…Today I am moved by the impact that Shocker is making in so many of their lives before he/she is even here.  God is already using this baby to lead people to Christ and to witness His work and love in and through you.  This world better watch out for what is coming with the 6th Dream Weaver!
 …I hope you see that through your trials, through your little Shocker, people can’t ignore the powerful move of God that has happened…
Be BOLD this week.  Pray for Boldness.  Seek ways to be bold in your everyday life.  Pray for miracles.  Watch God show off.

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