Thursday, July 31, 2014

At the end of our ten days…

We did it!  We completed the ** *** ******* that we started out on last week.  We ate super clean for 10 days, followed the program, and used the ******** ******* products.  We both feel GREAT and are so glad we took this time to do another *******!

I went into the cleanse at a weight loss plateau.  I had been within 2 pounds of the same weight for about 2 weeks.  I was stuck.  And I didn’t like it!  I knew I felt “sluggish,” and I knew a ******* would really help me out.  And BOY!  It sure did!  I lost SEVEN (7) pounds in the past 10 days.  It was all the garbage that was just hanging out in my gut. I feel GREAT!  My favorite part of the ******* was the water intake!  I had dropped off on how much water I was drinking daily, and following this program got be back on track!  My next goal is 20 more pounds by my birthday…

Britt had gained a little bit, and he, too, was ready to get back on track and loose the weight for good!  He has been rocking the weight loss all along, and he dropped 5 pounds during this 10 day period – leaving him just 5 pounds away from his birthday goal of 50 total pounds lost.  His birthday is ONE WEEK from today!  I know he can meet (and exceed!) his goal.  His favorite part of the ******* was the ******* and ***** ***** Drink!  We both did ****** last time (and I did this time as well), but he wanted to change it up a bit.  He really liked it!

So, between the 2 of us, we have lost a total of 75 pounds since we started this journey in March.  We are so happy with our results!  And doing this together has helped keep us motivated, accountable, and moving forward.  I am so glad I have my partner and best friend right by my side for this life changing journey.

What about you? What are your goals?  How can we help you meet them?  We would love to tell you more about our journey, the products, and our business!  ******** is about changing lives, and it has certainly changed ours!  Come ** * ******** with us!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hits so close to home

Team Finn’s Fans grew by two feet today.  Unexpectedly.  And it makes my resolve to be a part of this amazing organization even stronger.  There’s a sweet baby girl 70 miles from her HOME getting settled into her temporary NICU home this evening.  She probably won’t be able to attend the March of Dimes Stillwater March for Babies this year, but we will.  And this year, we March not only for Finn, but for sweet little Lucy, too.

Let me tell you about them.  Momma is one of my dearest friends.  We share so many things in common.  We can finish each other sentences, talk without even speaking, laugh at nothing and know why, and pick up a conversation 2 days later without missing a beat. She is part of the Stillwater March for Babies Committee, and since she knew she would have a newborn at the time of the walk, she and her family joined Team Finn’s Fans to help us meet our fundraising goals! Her older daughter is almost 2, and Finn loves her.  In fact, this was our Transformation Tuesday picture today:
Baby Girl #2 was due the 2nd week of September.  Scheduled C-section for September 8.  Until last week.  Thursday her doctor said she had high blood pressure and sent her to the local hospital.  Friday, due to pre-eclampsia, they transferred her by ambulance to the same hospital I had Finn at.  Yesterday they told her it was a waiting game.  This morning they told her it was BABY DAY!  What a ride!  Lucy was born at 4:07 this afternoon weighing 3 pounds 8 oz and 15.5 inches long. 

And it’s not fair.  NO ONE should have to go through the fear and questions they are going through right now – and what we did 3 years ago.  It’s scary.  It’s tough.  It’s life threatening.  It’s just not fair.  That’s why March of Dimes is so important to me and my family.  We want to see premature birth eradicated.  Figure out why it happens; figure out how to treat it; figure out how to prevent it.  Save the Mommas.  SAVE THE BABIES!

While she has a long row to hoe, Baby Lucy should do alright.  Girls fare better than boys in the NICU.  She has great support.  All the research from the last 76 years of March of Dimes are on her side.  She’s a fighter!  And she is LOVED.

Here’s how you can help Baby Lucy and other babies like her:

We want all families to be blessed with big, full-term, healthy, take-me-home babies!  Don’t you? Join us!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Finn's Fans 2014 Team Shirt Information

Hello Finn's Fans!  

It is THAT TIME of year again!  Time to get geared up for the March of Dimes Stillwater March for Babies, and get our team outfitted in the cutest Team Finn's Fan shirts!  Put it on your calendar - September 20th at Theta Pond on the BEAUTIFUL Oklahoma State University campus!  We're a little further along in the process this year than we have been in the past...  2 year ago, we needed help getting a team name, and last year we had you all vote on the color combos.  This year?  Well, time is of the essence!  So, colors have been picked.  Design has been finalized.  All that's left is for you to get on board and order your shirts!

About our T-shirt:

We went with a blue and orange theme this year.  And threw in a bit of our beloved Oklahoma! Blue for the blue Oklahoma skies, and baby boys.  And orange of course for everything happy, joyful, and COWBOY true!

Finn's Fans March for Babies 2014

BUT!  We can't take ALL the fun out of it for our AMAZING Finn's Fans!  Before I get to all the nitty gritty t-shirt details, I want to announce a CONTEST! There's always room for a little fun when Finn's involved! If you'll notice, we used lots of  "F-words" to describe Finn over the last (almost) 3 years on this shirt.  Come up with your BEST F-word (KEEP IT CLEAN!) to describe out little miracle man, share it here (or email, text, Facebook, etc), and one winner will be chosen for a FREE Finn's Fans 2014 t-shirt!  WOOT!

Here are ALL the details you need to know--
Shirts are $15 each or 2 for $25 (all proceeds go to Team Finn's Fans)
*add $2 for plus sizes (2x or larger)
Shirts come in Adult (unisex), Women's Cut and Youth sizes (size chart below)
How do I pay for my shirt? 
*You can Pay by cash/check in person to Britt or Betsey before 9/6/13
*You can pay by paypal to before 9/6/13
*You can call Betsey with a credit card payment
How Will I get my shirt?
*If you need shipping, please add $6.00 to your payment and provide me with shipping address information
*Local (Stillwater, OK) shirts will be distributed the week before the March
*If we don’t get it to you before the March, you can pick it up there – September 20, 9:00am, on the Oklahoma State University campus at Theta Pond!
I want to be involved! How do I join your team? 
*EXCELLENT question!  You can go to our Team Website at March of Dimes and sign up to be a Finn Fan!
*All the tools you need to get started are right there on the website
*Join us in our goal to raise $1,084.00 for the of March of Dimes - honoring Finn's 84 day NICU stay.
Can I donate to your efforts without buying a shirt?
Of course!  You can go directly to the Weaver's March for Babies Fundraising page and donate any amount directly to the team!  
This is a lot of great information, but I still have questions! Now What? 
*Feel free to comment here on the blog
*Email us at
*Call, text, Facebook, Tweet, Pin, Instagram or whatever! We will answer you! 

SIZE INFO - click for larger

Don't forget to add your "F Word!"

Special thanks to Fantoga for finalizing the design and being our printer!

If you read this far, you get to know about the BONUS CONTEST! Anyone who can correctly identify the significance of the orange cross AND the orange heart will win a March of Dimes Prize Pack!  (*Family not eligible for this one!)  Again, comment here or get your ideas to me anyway you choose!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Join us, Won't you?

Britt and Betsey, the 2BWeavers, have a CHALLENGE for you!  We want you to JOIN US for an ******** ** *** ******* program starting on July 21.  That's a Monday, so day 10 will be the following Wednesday, July 30.

Please let us know how we can help you!

You can find contact information there or comment here for a follow up!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Down Time

4 busy kids.  2 working parents.  A couple of side jobs to keep it interesting.  Many volunteer hours.  People often ask me how I do it.  Or remark about how “busy” I (we) seem to be but how we seem to get it all done “and with a smile on your face.”  Um, gee, thanks?  I am genuinely happy to be this busy.  It means my family is healthy.  It means we have jobs that provide for us, creative outlets to entertain us and meaningful hobbies to fulfill us.  It means we are able to provide opportunities for our kids and we work hard to make things fun and enjoyable and MEMORABLE for our family.  So, yes, I am busy.  And YES!  I am smiling about it.  I am truly blessed. Abundantly. Richly.

But, there are down times, too.  “Down Times” in all senses of the word – depressing, dark, hard times.  And relaxing, no pressure, vacation times.  And run down, beat down, down for the count times.  It seems I have just come out of a “season” of the run down type of Down Time...

I am rarely sick.  In the 9 years Britt and I have been together, I would say I average one “miss work” illness a year.  I may miss a day here and there for a migraine or a mental health day, but real, “in bed, don’t talk to me, I need a doctor” sickness usually stays away.  Apparently, June had other ideas!  I missed 3 out of the last 9 days of work for illness.  First, I had bronchitis.  Kicked me in the rear.  Missed 2 days of work.  Still have the lingering cough.  But, 6 days after that diagnosis, I was gifted with a stomach bug that landed me in bed for another work day!  WHAT is going on?  A look back at the first ½ of summer, and I see it.  I see how busy I was.  How crazy it has been to get everything done.  And maybe, this was my body’s way of saying, take a break.  Relax.  Rest.

I listened.  I went to the doctor – TWICE!  I took my meds, I slept, I rested.  I am glad to say I am finally feeling human again!  I still got lots of work done while “resting” though.  A working Momma never gets much time off.  LOL!  When I did finally make it back in to work last week, it was time to fill out my time sheet.  Would you believe I missed and ENTIRE WEEK of work for the month of June?  When I added up all my hours “off” it equaled an entire week’s worth of time.  About equal time sick leave and vacation leave.  Between doctor appointments for kids and myself, being sick and in bed, camp obligations for various kids, a tree falling on our house, and committee meetings for my various volunteer gigs, I was out A LOT last month!  WOAH.  Adding up those numbers was a bit eye-opening.  There it was again – another reminder that I can’t be superwoman all the time.  Rest.  Recharge.

This month looks a little better on the calendar.  The outside temperature has started to warm up finally here in Oklahoma as well – pushing triple digits today!  Sounds like a good time to stay inside a bit more anyway!  Finn has Pre-School “Camp” 3 mornings a week this week and next, but that’s all under Nana the Wonder Sitter’s watch.  I have some sorority meetings this weekend, and the only other thing on the agenda is Jake’s Art and Music camp the third week of the month.  The schedule seems much easier to manage for July.  Even if I do hear the dreaded “I’m Bored” a little more from the kids.  Sounds like down time -- of the relaxing kind -- is in order.  Maybe a good time for a trip to the library…  Recharge.  Revive.