Friday, March 10, 2017

March Madness

Ah, March!  In like a lion, out like a lamb.  Right?  Well, not in Oklahoma!  Our weird weather has been even weirder over the last few weeks!  And illness is EVERYWHERE!  The flu (A and B), a crazy stomach bug, and intolerable allergies have plagued my little neck of the woods, and I am SO OVER IT!  But, there is good news to be shared!

I don’t know if you can tell by the picture, but that’s my Rustic Cuff, on my phone, at MY DESK in MY NEW OFFICE!  Ok, cubicle.  OK, not even a cubicle.  Just a desk – out in the open, facing windows that look out to nothing so they keep the mini-blinds shut.  But!  I AM EMPLOYED!  Back on the beautiful campus of Oklahoma State University, and back in the BEST Student Union in the nation – where LIFE happens!  Could not be happier.  Working in the Registrar’s office, where my main responsibilities will be with the planning and execution of Commencement Exercises (Spring Graduation is in NINE weeks; no pressure!), as well as tuition and residency appeals.  God is GOOD!

Since my last BLOG POST in January, I was also blessed with a little part time marketing gig that helped bridge the gap.  I was doing some design and digital media work for a local real estate agent and her team.  That was so fun, too!  Just a few hours a week, but let me flex my creative muscles, earn a little grocery money, and get out of the house for a few hours a day.  Thankful for dear friends who led me to that opportunity after my vulnerable post at the end of January.  Also since that time, I went through an intense interview process for another position which I was ultimately not awarded, but definitely learned a lot and knew more what I wanted out of a job.  All this to say, I have had a lot of positive over the last 6 weeks.  And I am so grateful and thankful.  But, we still need Britt to find his place in the world of the employed!!!!!

I’ll be honest again, we have had some dark moments over the past few months.  We’ve both been depressed.  Our relationship has had some pretty tough moments – even some in front of our kids that we can never take back.  But through it all, we have been held HIGH by our Lord and Savior!  There is still a purpose in this process; still things to fall in place.  Your prayers have been heard.  Some have been answered.

Can I ask again?  We covet those prayers!  We looked back over our records and since August, Britt has applied for 150 jobs.  That’s a lot.  One Hundred and Fifty.  Applications.  A dozen or so interviews; none of them panned out.  It hurts.  It’s hard.  HARD.  And some days the will to apply and the motivation to keep going are so far down deep, that finding them is the most difficult part of the day.  (Especially when I have had such (relative) good luck.  That’s tough on the old ego…) So, again, we ask for your prayerful petitions to help my husband, the father of my 4 children, to find meaningful employment to provide for this family.

I’d be more than happy to tell you about his background and qualifications.  About his education, skills, and experiences.  He’s so smart.  (He’s Jake’s Dad  – Jake didn’t get it from me!) He is loyal, trustworthy, honest, and hard working.  If you are anyone you know can lead us to a job opening that would fit for him, please let us know!

We’re on the downhill slide for this school year.  9 more weeks.  Then we have 2 sophomores, a 5th grader, and a Kindergartner.  How can that possibly be?  But summer is expensive with kids at home.  It is truly our goal to have full time employment for him BEFORE the kids get out of school.  Will you help us reach our goal?

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