The Brother (Brian 1971-2011)

I have dedicated this page of my Blog to my Big Brother, 

Brian R. Ricker.  
He was taken from those of us left on earth way too early at the age of 40 on April 8, 2011.  We miss him, and we love him, and we will honor his memory.

New York City - 2008 (on the ferry)

for a memorial page featuring the video slide show from the funeral in its entirety with the correct music as well as the obituary.  I am so grateful for friends smarter that I am to help me make this possible.

Below are the posts of the events of those 2 weeks as they unfolded in chronological order:

Tuesday, April 12 - One phone call from our knees


Wednesday, April 13 -When the waves are taking you under…


Thursday, April 14 -A day without you


Thursday, April 14 -I can only imagine


Thursday, April 14 -Brian R. Ricker 1971-2011 (obituary)

Friday, April 15 - Redeemed


Saturday, April 16 - Raindrops and Tears


Sunday, April 17 - My New Normal


Tuesday, April 19 - Hugs and Handshakes


Thursday, April 21 -"The Look"


Friday, July 15 - Broken Heart

(Autopsy Report)

First Birthday Without Him


One Year Later

I will continue to blog, as I continue to mourn and heal.  I just know that these important posts are going to fall off the homepage, then fall off the detailed archive as time goes on, and I want them to be in a place where they are easily accessed.


Thanks for reading, and remembering.  Brian was a great guy, and he deserved so much more...